Life is an amazing and wonderful gift we are given.

However, at times it can be challenging, which can lead to feeling lost, confused, and wandering in circles, rather than moving forward with love and confidence.

Challenges may be physical, emotional, spiritual, within a relationship, or old habits that need releasing. Whatever yours are, I want to help you achieve all you long for and more.


Sometimes it takes another set of ears and another heart to move us out of the confusion and chaos and onward and upward in our life journey. Together we will listen to your dreams, work to meet your goals, and find new horizons that will bring even greater joy to your life.

This work doesn’t have to be long or painful and can be done with grace.

It’s such a pleasure for me to watch people move forward on their physical, emotional, and spiritual journeys. I would be honored to travel with you.

I invite you to contact me with questions or to schedule a session.


Alea Kent