What is Abundance Breakthrough?


Abundance Breakthrough (AB) is a simple and elegant rebalancing process. Using AB, Alea is able to help uncover and eliminate underlying causes of any abundance challenge. Completing this process prepares one to create the conditions for attracting full joy and richness into one’s life. AB uses the Body Code process for identifying and releasing or balancing underlying causes.

With the Abundance Breakthrough, we address personal and family histories, create an abundance vision, and check whether there is an agreement with negative beliefs or lack of agreement with positive beliefs. Then, using the Body Code, we release or balance issues so you can come into alignment with your heart’s desire.

Benefits of Abundance Breakthrough
Noted by Clients

“Feeling unworthy and worthless are key obstacles to the Abundance Breakthrough process. With Alea’s help I am finally able to see and release the underlying causes I’ve had for such feelings.

“For example, a recent shopping (“spending money”) trip left me in a full-blown panic attack with heart palpitations, feeling totally worthless. Way out of proportion to what had happened, even more upset with myself than usual about a ‘dumb’ mistake. 

“Alea’s way of applying Body Code led me to uncover the underlying causes I’d developed in childhood training on handling money: “Pay attention. Account for it. Or you’re not worthy of having it. You can’t be trusted with money.” 

“On my next shopping (spending money) trip, I made a similar “dumb” mistake and took it in stride. I felt neutral during and after the experience, immediately confirming the value in the Abundance Breakthrough process.

“After six sessions, I am now comfortable receiving, spending and tracking money. I am more practical and realistic about my finances and less stressed. My “Abundant Mode” has increased from 39 to 89% and I am now 90% aligned with my financial goals, up from 49%.

“Thank you, Alea!”