Helping Animals Heal


Both Emotion Code (EC) and Body Code (BC) work well with animals, maybe even more quickly than with humans. Animals are not working with doubt or questions and can readily accept the changes EC and BC work in their energy field.

Alea has had success using BC/EC with animals on fear, anxiety, and with cats using the litter box. When her 16-year old cat Anami is moving stiffly BC/EC work takes care of the problem quickly and easily.


She notes that BC/EC can also help humans with their relationships to animals as in this story:

Dear Alea,

Thank you for helping me to improve my relationship with my grand- puppy, Benny. This little 10-pound Chihuahua/Corgi has been so demanding with me, as if he’s the boss, but also protecting me excessively, always on the defense, even with neighbors that we see regularly. It’s hard to chat when he’s barking or growling without provocation. He was vigilant, aware of everything around us. As a shelter- adoptee, we were not surprised, so I asked if BC/EC could help.

Fortunately, my own traumas relating to dogs came up during the first session. I had forgotten about being attacked by a dog when I was 10 and didn’t realize that I was part of the problem.

Since that first short session, Benny has gradually been warming up to me, became calmer and more cooperative on our walks. And now, after two more short sessions, he even snuggles with me when I am home alone with him. He sat very still when recently when I had to put on a “collar” to keep him from scratching his ears. He trusts me now.

We’ve also had four encounters with neighbors and/or their dogs, each one much better. The dogs didn’t bark at us anymore, and Benny just looked curious about them and didn’t try to run away.


We both appreciate your help, Alea, and marvel at the ease and effectiveness of BC/EC.


Example from Dr. Nelson:

“Twiggs Gets Dognapped” is an example of an Emotion Code session that Dr. Bradley Nelson performed on a dog named Twiggs brought into his office by Brett and Cathy. After hearing the story of Twiggs’ traumatic experience, he requests their permission to work with Twiggs.

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