Categories of Imbalance

The Body Code Mind Map System:

The key to pinpointing issues and identifying the underlying causes of life challenges is the encyclopedic computer data base developed by Dr. Nelson and his team at Healer’s Library ( It provides Mind Maps for these six major categories of imbalance. Example of how these categories are used:

When Alea is working with a client on a particular issue, she begins by talking with the client about the symptoms he or she wishes to address. She then uses muscle (energy) testing to make selections from the Body Code MindMaps on behalf of the client.

1. First, which of the six categories is most relevant? The test reveals something of note in Circuits and Systems:

2. Going to that section, Alea finds an imbalance in an organ.

3. Going to the list of organs, she finds it’s in the Liver organ. (The Mind Map gives a brief explanation of the Liver’s purpose, indicates the muscle connections to the liver, symptoms of imbalance in the liver, and related emotions.)

4. Alea checks to see if there is an underlying cause for the liver imbalance. Underlying causes are other factors that contribute to the primary imbalance and variety of possibilities. If there is no underlying imbalance, then she rebalances the liver organ.

5. If there is an underlying cause contributing to the Liver imbalance, Alea begins this Mind Map process over to find this cause. It may be in any of the six categories.

Benefits Noted by Clients

“Dear Alea, Just a note to tell you how remarkable I find you and your use of the MindMap system. Not that I’m very aware of it during a session, but I’ve been reflecting on how quickly you get results using it. Often, I’m aware of the connections, but would have spent hours researching all of the variables to the same conclusion. Also remarkable is the way you use muscle testing to communicate with my body. Often, I’ve forgotten about the situations and experiences that come up that way. But they do ring true to me–even those that I find surprising.”