Energy (Muscle) Testing

Energy testing is a means through which we can speak to the body by testing the flow of energy through muscles. Various methods and muscles are used for this type of testing. Alea does this by asking permission of the client’s energy field, then proceeds to use herself as a surrogate during the session.

Energy testing is used to get yes and no answers but is not used to make predictions. The body knows how to answer yes and no questions about itself. Living only in the present, its answers are only true in the present. There are times when questions need to be asked in several ways to ensure the accuracy of the response.

It is important for a practitioner to maintain a neutral state when testing in order to get objective responses. The longer and more consistently one has used muscle testing the greater the accuracy, as well as the ability to know when testing may not be accurate and how to correct it.

Energy testing is easy to learn. It takes practice and may take Body Code session(s) to clear any blocks to accurate testing.

Alea first learned energy testing in 1975 and since then has taken several trainings as well as used it consistently. She also teaches clients individually and in classes. Some people find it easier to use a pendulum in lieu of muscle testing.

Learn Energy Testing

“Bradley Nelson Demonstrates Muscle Testing and Emotion Code” (18 minutes)



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Another way to test is on your fingers.
Search the internet for “Muscle Test on Fingers” or “Muscle Testing on Yourself” for a wide variety of possibilties.