Helping Children with Emotion Code /Body Code

Alea has spent her career working with children, ages 3- 18, and their families, in various community-based programs as well as in private practice. She specialized in trauma, helping children recover by using play and art therapy.

Clearly, Body and Emotion Code could have helped these children to release the emotional issues underlying their challenges from traumatic experiences to problems with friendships, stuttering, math or other aversions, and many other issues.

The work can be done directly, as in the example below, especially when the child knows the practitioner. Otherwise, with young children, working remotely with a parent or other adult acting as a surrogate, is just as effective and easier on the child.

Now that she is trained and certified, Alea is available to work with children in her private practice.

Below is a story from a colleague that illustrates how effective this work can be.

Benefits of Emotion Code Work for a Young Boy

I am teacher, Montessori school owner, and new Certified Emotion Code Practitioner (CECP). I would like to share this beautiful experience I had using the Emotion Code with one of my students, 4-1/2 years old.

Every morning for two years he cried as he was dropped off at school, begging his parents not to leave him. We could not find a way to help him feel secure. In January of 2018, when I began my certification program, I asked his mother if I could work on him. She agreed.

As I was working on him, releasing his Heart Wall, many specific situations arose and were cleared away. His mother confirmed many of these incidents. After a time, I felt he was becoming worse and stopped working on him, surrendering to a Higher Power.

Four weeks later, on a Monday, he came to school with a big smile, said goodbye to his mother and did not cry. The following day he did not cry either and came to me and put his hand on his heart and said to me, “My heart is good.” I checked for his heart wall and it was gone.

Since that day he is a happy, joyful, focused, confident, strong and secure little boy. I learned that everyone has their own timing for releasing trapped emotions. Since then, he has come and asked for more sessions, when he feels he needs it.

Marylene Aubin, CECP