Spirit (Entity) Releasement

Unknown to most people, many of us have spirits (also known as entities) that have attached themselves to our energy fields, causing physical and mental problems and draining us of life and joy. While many entities do not wish to cause harm and actually believe they are helping, some are malevolent and their purpose is to distract us from our spiritual journey through emotional and physical pain, addiction, and mental health problems.

The spirit releasement process moves these beings and their energy out of the body’s energy field. Often this changes their nature, helping them to see the damage they have caused.

Although Body Code has an entity releasement portion to it that can be effective, some spirits/entities are more challenging than others to identify and release. Alea finds the Baldwin’s’ work (described below) to be more effective. A separate spirit releasement session is helpful in this case.

During a Body Code session, Alea may recognize the presence of a spirit/entity that is impacting the issue being addressed. She will release it within a few minutes, then continue working on the issue.

In a full Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT) session, the focus is on releasing the spirit or entity. Some who come for this know they have a spirit or entity. Others have a diagnosis, e.g. cancer, and suspect an entity. Others discover the presence of an entity during a BC or EC session and wish to go deeper.

During the SRT session, Alea will make contact with the entity, finding out its purpose, educating it about the laws it is breaking, and moving it on in a way that prevents it from reattaching again. During this process, Alea will ask for help from spiritual beings that are experts and trained to do this work. This is all done in a respectful manner, but firmly and thoroughly.

This process involves communicating while the person is in a state of deep relaxation and able to hear and respond to questions. Thus, it is best done in person.

Training: Alea completed “Regression Therapy Intensive Training: Past Life Recall and Spirit Releasement” with Bill and Judith Baldwin in 1989 and has been awed by the power of this work, using it to help clients to release entities since then.

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