The Heart Wall Release

There is much new information about the importance of the heart being more than the pump we have always assumed was its only role in our bodies. The heart has more electromagnetic energy than the brain and is formed in utero before the brain. It also has its own very elaborate nervous system and its own unique intelligence.

Our heart wants to protect us from the slings and arrows that daily living brings. It does this by creating an energetic wall around itself, known as “a Heart Wall” (HW). This wall interferes in relationships, creates self-sabotage, and can even cause physical problems.

It is built of layer upon layer of emotions trapped in the past. Each HW has its own unique construction and material. Through the HW process, this wall begins to change and eventually disappears.

Removing a Heart Wall is as simple as accessing and releasing these trapped emotions. Having a HW removed can allow us to have deeper and more satisfying relationships. It can also reconnect us with life, stop self-sabotage, improve our health, and allow more joy into our lives.

Benefits of Heart Wall Release
Noted by Clients

“Ever since Alea cleared my Heart Wall, I have felt more joy in my life! I highly recommend her!”


“After dismantling a heart wall that was blocking my ability to feel many traumatic emotions, Alea worked carefully, respectfully, lovingly, to find and release the emotions hidden inside my heart during a trauma many years ago. I had no idea how much they had been impacting my day-to-day responses to life’s little ups and downs. Life feels so much easier now.”