Past Life Therapy

Past lives are deep sources for understanding ourselves and the richness of who we have become over many lifetimes. Through past-life therapy (PLT) one can learn Soul lessons, one’s life purpose, and come to understand seemingly inexplicable times of stress, challenges, and the agreements made prior to this lifetime.

One may seek PLT for a variety of reasons. You may have a sense about things in your life that seem familiar, or feel like you know someone you’ve just met, or, having tried everything you can think of to remedy an issue, you are still desperate to find an answer.

Although PLT is not specifically addressed within the Body Code Healing System designed by Dr. Nelson, Alea finds it can arise during sessions using Body (BC) as an underlying cause for an issue being addressed. Alea has the training and experience to identify and release these causes. However, in a BC session, we are only looking for the issues in that life pertinent to the current issue being addressed. We are not looking for the deeper wisdom that can be gleaned from a lifetime. Indeed, the advantage of using BC/EC tools is that one does not need to re-live the past in order to release it.

A complete PLT session is very different, and it is best done in person because it goes more deeply into the details of a lifetime. This type of session includes discussion of the issue to be explored and a deep relaxation process. Then Alea and the client explore together a related lifetime in depth, tracing the course of the life up to death.

Afterwards the lessons are reviewed and Alea helps the client look at the wisdom and awarenesses gained during that life, bringing them into this lifetime. They can then examine how these lessons help to resolve the current issue.

TRAINING: Alea received her initial training in past-life therapy in 1990-91 from Past-Life Regression Therapist Dr. Hazel M. Denning, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology), and from others through the Association of Regression Research and Therapies. It was also an integral part of the training she received from Bill and Judith Baldwin on Entity (Spirit) Releasement.

Readings on Past Life Therapy

Dr. Hazel M. Denning, Life without Guilt: Healing through Past Life Regression (Llewellyn Publications; 1998)