Resonating Relationships

Relationships are one of the major ways we grow and learn on our life journey. The quality of our relationships is determined by our childhood and adult experiences and the resulting beliefs that form our relationship matrix.

The Resonating Relationship program was developed by Natalie Nelson, Dr. Nelson’s daughter,

and begins with an evaluation to shine a light on these experiences and beliefs. This extensive assessment looks at our childhood and adult relationship histories; any trauma we have experienced; what we want in a romantic partner; our past experiences and consciousness in relationships; our abilities in the areas of connection, nurture, and harmony; and our positive and negative thoughts about relationships.

During this evaluation process, we will identify problem issues, and you will develop a relationship goal for yourself. Then, working over a series of sessions, we will address these issues using the Body Code. In this way, whatever is stopping you from achieving your goal will be released or balanced, allowing you to form relationships that resonate and bring you joy.

Benefits of Resonating Relationships
Noted by Clients

“Working with Alea on Resonating Relationships has really helped me to clear emotional blockages so that I could see my relationship more realistically.”