About Sessions with Alea

Body Code Healing System

  • Body Code* (BC)
  • Emotion Code* (EC)
  • Heart-Wall* (HW)
  • Abundance Breakthrough (AB) Series
  • Resonating Relationships (RR) Series

* for adults, children, and animals

About Sessions with Alea

In each of these sessions we will address whatever your body is requesting. Most sessions include a combination of Emotion and Body Code, but may require release of a Heart Wall, past life issue, or entity releasement.

Issues to be addressed: Please come to each session with 3-4 issues you would like to focus on. We will test to determine which issue has priority for your system. There are times the body may only be able to do a few releases on a single issue; we can then move on to the next issue.

These issues may be physical, emotional, spiritual, traumatic, or habits/attitudes you would like help in changing. Sessions can also be used to help you achieve your goals by removing blocks getting in your way.

Assessment: We can do an assessment to see where your system will benefit from some rebalancing and work from that angle. Dr. Nelson offers a Basic Body Code Assessment with three parts: (1) Issues, Goals, and Pain Evaluation, (2) History Evaluation, and (3) Goals and Visualization.

We can also do a thorough review of all of your physical systems by asking the body how well each is working and what needs rebalancing. This includes the immune system, organs and glands, connections between them, pathogens, toxins, nutritional needs, and your energy fields.

Initial Session

The initial session is one hour and includes your sharing goals and challenges, and my sharing and answering questions about the info about the modality (modalities) you are interested in exploring. We can also begin with one of the assessments described above.

Sessions can be in person, via telephone, or done without your presence and results sent to you. We can then converse by phone about your results.