Specializing in Connection with Source

Alea has found great delight in working with those who want to create, deepen, or heal their relationship with Source and help manifest the life of their dreams with the help and blessings of Source.

Source may mean Higher Power, God, Spirit, Allah, Buddha, Sugmad, Nature, or whatever one’s connection may be.

Maybe prayer or meditation isn’t quite your style and you don’t quite know how to make this connection. Maybe you have experienced spiritual trauma and want this connection but are afraid to explore it.


Alea finds that Emotion Code and Body Code can help people clear the way to their best thinking and knowing about the next step. Alea is developing a program that will help people sort through confusion so that they can reach that natural state of connection with Source.

While she is developing the program to facilitate this process, Alea will be delighted to assist you if this is an area in which you want to explore and grow.


Benefits Noted by Clients

“In my experience, removing a trapped emotion can’t help but facilitate a greater connection with God if one’s goal is that connection. Many times those trapped emotions are what allow the entry of distractions that draw one away from that living relationship.

“After our session, I noticed a calmness that wasn’t there before, making it easier to feel Spirit’s presence.

“The interesting thing is I didn’t notice the problem emotion until it was removed. Kind of like when the refrigerator motor goes off and one can finally take a deep calming breath.

“Thanks again, Alea, for your part in my greater peace.”