What is the Body Code Healing SystemTM?

What Is Body Code?

 Our bodies are sacred vessels for our embodiment in this lifetime. Each of us is composed of solid matter which, in turn, is made up of energy. The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself from stress, trauma, disease, pain, and emotional problems but most of us are confused about how we can tap into that part of us that knows how to heal itself.

The Body Code is a branch of energy medicine created by Dr. Bradley Nelson that allows us to do just that. Nearly every health problem that we encounter can be tracked back to an imbalance in one of six categories. The Body Code utilizes the power of our subconscious mind and energy testing to quickly identify and correct these harmful imbalances. Energy testing, also known as muscle testing, is used throughout this process to communicate with the body. (For more information, see “Energy (Muscle) Testing” and “Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Biography.”)

With Body Code tools, Alea can quickly pinpoint the underlying cause(s) for any imbalance and release them, allowing the body to heal itself. These imbalances may include:

  • physical, emotional, and mental health challenges
  • undesired beliefs, habits, and attitudes, as well as
  • blocks to success, abundance, healthy relationships, and much more

Releasing or balancing these energies can bring peace of mind, profound changes in health, and ease in all areas of life. The six categories of imbalance are known as “The Body Code Mind Map System” and include an encyclopedic computer data base of 260+ pages of information about the body, the mind, and the spirit. It is the key to identifying imbalances quickly. (For more information, see “Categories of Imbalance.”)

As a Certified Body Code Practitioner, Alea’s counseling and coaching experience add a valuable dimension to what she has to offer clients. Little or no discussion of details is required. This is a tremendous benefit when addressing highly personal, confidential, and traumatic experiences. Also, due to the connective nature of energy in our universe, Body Code works very well remotely. It is as effective as meeting in person.


Videos with Dr. Nelson

“What is Body Code?”
http://bodycodehealingsystem.com/ (2.45 minutes)

Helping Relieve Lynn’s Neck Pain
http://www.drbradleynelson.com/videos/relieving-lynns-neck-pain/ (12 minutes)


Benefits of Body Code
Noted by Alea’s Clients


“Thank You so much Alea, I always feel subtle shifts after each session, but over time the changes are pretty tangible; I find strength in situations were I would normally feel very uncomfortable, and feel calm were I would normally be pretty stressed….

It’s amazing to me that this system can work over distance, and even though my logical analytical mind complains about not understanding, I see the results and I know that there is still so much to understand and explore for us in the field of medicine, so the best scientific approach is to keep an open neutral mind and let these amazing shifts occur naturally. Our bodies are really each a Universe of Wonder.”



Thank you so much for this session, Alea. I feel almost completely back to normal. I finally feel like the shackles around my mind are being lifted by spirit. I cannot express how grateful I am to have you working as a healer in my life. Alea, I’m honored.”



I highly recommend Alea’s comprehensive Body Code sessions to anyone ready to release the past and move forward. For me (so far), this includes releasing imbalances and underlying causes for macular degeneration, back pain, allergies, rashes, pre-cancerous conditions, as well as digestive, relationship, and brain chemistry issues. I feel renewed and very grateful.”