What is Emotion Code?

Emotion Code (EC) is a technique used in healing the energy surrounding a living being. It helps us to identify and literally release harmful emotional energies trapped in the past. These “trapped emotions” can cause depression and anxiety. They can also block people from love and happiness and contribute to them feeling disconnected from others. And because trapped emotions are made of energy (just like the rest of the body), they exert an influence on the physical tissues and can cause acute pain and other physical ailments.

Releasing trapped emotions with EC makes conditions right for the body to heal. This is why physical and emotional difficulties often disappear afterward an EC session. Some challenges are multi-layered and can take more than one session to resolve; however, even when this happens, clients still report feeling changes from each session.

Identifying and Releasing Trapped Emotions

Trapped emotions are identified through energy (muscle) testing. Once identified, these trapped emotions are released from the body’s governing meridian using magnetic energy (either with your hand or a magnet).

After releasing a trapped emotion, some report feeling a sensation of energy moving out of the body, while others find themselves sighing or yawning or feeling lighter, and some notice an immediate cessation of symptoms such as pain, distress, twitching.

After completing an Emotion Code session, most people notice a decrease in the intensity of emotions, saying they feel lighter immediately or within a few hours and sometimes days following. The body can take up to a few days to release the trapped emotions that have been released. Much depends on the complexities of the issues being addressed.

It is always good to acknowledge that you are in the middle of a healing process by taking extra special care of yourself afterwards. Be sure to drink plenty of water, eat nourishing food, and do things that bring you pleasure.

Emotion Code work progresses at your body’s own pace. How many trapped emotions can be released in one session and how soon to meet again varies from person to person and over time.

How Does Emotion Code Differ from Body Code?

Body Code addresses all types of imbalances, dividing them into six types: (1) Energetic imbalances (including emotional and other types), (2) Imbalances in circuits and systems of varying kinds, and imbalances caused by (3) pathogens, (4) lifestyle, (5) structure, and (6) Toxicity.

Whereas, Emotion Code is a subset of one of the above types. It deals with only emotional imbalances, based on sixty core emotions.

Thus, Emotion Code is a small, but important, part of Body Code. For more information, go to Mind Maps, Body Code, or Dr. Nelson’s website www.discoverhealing.com

Alea Kent has spent nearly thirty years of her life working as a professional therapist and coach in both the private and nonprofit sectors. By comparison, as a Certified Practitioner of Emotion Code (CECP), the process is easy and quick because there is no need for discussion of life experiences that are often difficult or embarrassing.


Resources from Dr. Nelson

“What is The Emotion Code?”

https://www.healerslibrary.com/what-is-the-emotion-code/ (3.10 minutes)

Scroll down from this page to download a free Emotion Code Starter Kit.


Some Benefits of Emotion Code
From Alea’s Clients

“I love that after each session, whatever heavy weights I had been feeling, experiencing, believing, and dragging around have been identified, named, and cleared/released.”


“Problems that have plagued me for years, decades, can be, and have been cleared so easily and, free of drama”